British hardwood floor for modern Polzeath property

For this contemporary coastal development in Polzeath, we worked alongside architects Michael Tarring Associates and builders Terry Harris & Sons to supply a brand new hardwood floor throughout the property.

The first task in every job we undertake is a familiarisation with the client’s vision for the project to better help us understand what we are working towards. In this instance, we worked closely with the other on-site professionals to share specialist skills and knowledge, which ultimately resulted in a superior end product for the client.

Once the floor had been mapped, and the laying pattern confirmed, we were able to precisely supply the correct amount of wood for the project with minimal waste.

It was important for the client to achieve a consistent modern coastal look and feel throughout the property. The bright rooms evoke a clean, contemporary aesthetic and lend themselves well to a contrasting golden wood floor.

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Choosing a Project Almond coloured wood from manufacturer Ted Todd, the client was able to achieve warmth and a welcoming feel to white rooms which might otherwise feel quite cool. We provided plenty of samples to help the client reach this final wood type and colour.

We have been working with Ted Todd for several years, and as a leading British wood floor manufacturer, we are happy to be a preferred supplier and fitter of their products.