Reclaimed wood flooring with Arnold’s Kitchens

We were recently lucky enough to collaborate with Arnold’s Kitchens on an exciting project at a property near Liskeard. 

Whilst Arnold and his team worked with the client to draw up plans for a kitchen renovation, we were asked to source, create and fit the new flooring. 

The brief wasn’t extensive, but the client knew they wanted something organic and unique to tie in with features in the rest of their house, which already utilised various distressed and reclaimed materials. This looser brief meant we were given a good level of freedom – a challenge we love – to deliver a final product that was interesting and in keeping with the rest of the project. 

Dark wood kitchen cabinets with mixed wood flooring

During our time in the industry, we’ve built up a network of brilliant suppliers, so we knew exactly where to source the wood for this project. 

In order to give the flooring a rustic feel to suit the client’s vision, we chose to use reclaimed wood, which we sourced, prepared and then laid with wide colour variation. As with any project using reclaimed wood, care and specialist knowledge was required to ensure the boards fit correctly and materials were used efficiently. Our flooring team took great care to finish with a colour and length variation that felt natural whilst looking great. 

http://Kitchen%20cabinets%20with%20natural%20wooden%20top,%20cupboards%20and%20floor http://Rustic%20wood%20kitchen%20with%20wood%20floor%20and%20copper%20wall http://Rustic%20wood%20kitchen%20cabinets%20with%20metal%20handle%20and%20wood%20floor http://Dark%20wood%20kitchen%20cabinets%20with%20mixed%20wood%20flooring http://Bright%20rustic%20wood%20kitchen%20with%20wood%20floor%20and%20hanging%20plant http://Reclaimed%20mixed%20colour%20wood%20floor http://Edge%20of%20a%20wood%20kitchen%20cabinet%20with%20wood%20floor%20boards http://Bright%20rustic%20wood%20kitchen%20with%20wood%20floor%20and%20hanging%20plant

As you can see from the photos, Arnold and his team delivered a stunning one-of-a-kind kitchen, which we’re pleased to see work so naturally with our flooring. This was one of our favourite projects to date and we thoroughly enjoyed working with Arnold and his team, as well as the client.

Arnold Van Den Dolder

“We appointed Tre Concepts for the Liskeard Kitchen, who (as with all the projects we have worked on together) have an ability to listen and deliver, on both the aesthetics and finish that Arnold’s Kitchens and our clients were seeking.”

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