Timber cladding and custom doors for two riverside properties

Located on The Helford and split between two small buildings, this project involved working with Marnick Builders to create internal and external joined doors and exterior timber cladding.

Looking for a cosy but minimal self-contained living space and boat storage area on the edge of the river, the project was a product of joint owner and contractor design. Working directly with the owner ensures that what we deliver fits exactly to their specification.

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Noah’s Ark

Both of the properties were finished in an external timber cladding created by using the old Japanese technique of burning individual wood planks to provide a striking, hard wearing finish. Choosing this style, the client ended up with a unique stand-out finish which requires minimal maintenance.

Suggesting larch as the species of wood for its longevity and ease of burning, we measured and meticulously burned each plank with a blowtorch before fixing them to the exterior walls and doors. A technique which was once used to protect the ends of posts from the damp earth they sat in, burning the wood provides excellent weather resistance and means it won’t need a touch-up of paint further down the line.

Inside, the internal door separating the bathroom from the rest of the studio space was a precision piece with super smooth runners and a soft closing mechanism. The glass and pocket design provided the bathroom with both natural light and privacy at a minimal cost to space.

Providing various samples and some general guidance on the wood and design of the door, the client chose a reclaimed oak door with a large inset pane of frosted glass. Boasting a characterful texture, the reclaimed oak subtly carries the feeling of warmth from the exposed wood in the main living area into the bathroom.

The Boathouse

Sitting opposite Noah’s Ark, The Boathouse shares the same external cladding with a more utilitarian interior. Used as an actual boathouse we similarly clad and created all of the internal and external doors.

For easy entry to The Boathouse, wicket doors were built and clad, providing a pedestrian entrance and the ability to also move larger items in and out of the space. Two large swing doors were secured with six hinges and the smaller pedestrian door was inset into the left side. At the rear, another two large swinging doors were built and clad.

Inside, we crafted a set of twin doors which both had double-swing hinges, allowing them to be opened both ways. In keeping with the nautical theme, we incorporated two small potholes from an old boat into the doors. Double-swing hinged doors require a precise fit to ensure that a full range of motion is available. These particular ones were both fire-insulated and contained a 90° hold-open mechanism.

Upon completion, the owner was presented with two beautifully finished, unique properties which naturally hide away on the banks of the river.