New joinery for a barn conversion – windows and doors

Tasked with transforming a disused barn into a stunning new living space, we worked alongside Marnick Builders to create some bespoke new wooden windows and doors to fit in alongside the extensive barn conversion project.

Retaining the traditional styling of an English farmhouse, the client wanted timber windows and doors which looked seamless around the building, both in fit and style.

To complete this vision, expert joinery was required to create made-to-measure pieces which would fit both internally and around the existing large granite blocks and rough stonework left over from the original barn.

http://White%20wood%20external%20joined%20door%20and%20wood%20balustrade http://Dining%20room%20with%20wood%20cabinets%20and%20white%20wood%20window http://Vase%20on%20a%20windowsill%20with%20wood%20window

3D modelled joinery

Working with the architect, we created 3D models of each window and door before the build. This same process was also undertaken for the staircase. Creating CAD drawings is an important step to help visualise the product for the architect and clients, and also helps us to further refine the initial design and to ensure an exact fit when it comes to joining and fitting.

White wood window with black catch

This project resulted in the delivery of an array of beautifully styled and fitted windows and doors,  which became an important element in building a warm and inviting space that is perfectly suited for the family that now calls this home.