Transforming a mixed office space into a home

Working in a conservation area right on the waterfront in Flushing, this project involved working with Marnick Builders to supply, craft, and install a staircase and fitted furniture.

Initially a mixed office and residential space, the client undertook a conversion project to turn the property into a purely residential space which sat on the waterfront with stunning views overlooking Falmouth’s harbour.

Working on the project directly with the client and the team at Marnick Builders, all of the work completed was the outcome of a collaborative design approach. Liaising with the client and scoping out their vision for their new home, the design team used their ample experience to lead on how the new joinery would look — carefully ensuring the design brief was met.

As with all of our projects, the first step was to take measurements and create each piece as a CAD drawing. With these technical drawings, we worked with the other contractors and client to refine the style and guarantee a perfect fit first time.

A custom fitted bookcase with integrated lighting

A beautiful statement piece in the living room, the large wooden bookcase had a dark painted finish contrasting with the otherwise light and airy room.

This piece was used to frame the scale model of the client’s boat, meaning the compartments in the bookcase had to be a custom size and also included an internal light.

Dark custom joined bookcase displaying a model boat in a sitting room

Oak winder staircase with stair-to-ceiling balustrade

The elegant oak winder staircase which gently curves 90° at the bottom to fit in the space was designed and joined by the team in the workshop then fitted in place by the main contractor. Accompanying the staircase was a modern, full-length oak balustrade spanning from the ceiling to stair string.

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A great representation of some of our expert joinery capabilities, this project resulted in a very happy client with a new home that looks great and has that personal touch.