Joinery and flooring for coastal refurbishment project

Located on the south Cornish coast overlooking the pristine Helford passage, following a client referral, we were invited to collaborate with Marnick Builders on the renovation of this stunning property.

What started as a smaller refurbishment job quickly grew in scope to become a full renovation to renew the tired interior with a new luxurious finish that would be more fitting of the property’s fantastic location.

With Marnick Builders undertaking the wider building works, we were tasked to deliver the new joinery for interior doors and furniture as well as an elegant new wood floor throughout the property.


Opting for custom joinery throughout the house meant the owner could be assured of a high-quality fit and finish that would match the high standards of the wider renovation. The joinery work included custom interior doors and frames, and fitted furniture and wardrobes in the bedroom.

After the designs were agreed upon with the architect and the client, we undertook a detailed site measure. This made it possible for our team of designers to draught detailed manufacture drawings that the bench joiners back at the workshop could then work from. 

With an extensive stock of raw materials to choose from at our machine shop, our joiners were able to select and process individual components, taking control of the quality from the earliest possible stage. For the internal joinery, tulipwood, also known as poplar – a species originating from the eastern states of America – was chosen. This species is perfectly suited to the task as a hardwood with properties that make it both easy to work and finish well thanks to its lower density.

Components were then primed and sent to the site for fitting. Here any minor final adjustments for fitting were made, and the final finish was applied. For this job, a hand brushed finish was chosen, adding some subtle texture as opposed to a sprayed finish which can look a little too perfect. 

This full process was the same for each individual piece of joinery delivered on this project. 


The other side of our involvement in this project was the flooring. As part of the building works involved the installation of a new water-based underfloor heating system, the project required a new wood floor that would be compatible with this heating system. 

The flooring had to complement the colour tone of the new porcelain tiles being laid by Marnick Builders, and there needed to be a seamless flow from one floor covering into the other, without any barriers, or changes to finished floor levels.

Again working closely with the client and the architect, an engineered character grade oak oversized block floor was chosen. This was installed in a herringbone pattern for the living rooms and an intricate mansion weave in the bedrooms.

To arrive at this design the client was consulted at every step of the way, running through the wood species, finish, colour and laying pattern with our flooring and design team. In this instance, the client opted for a custom colour from our bespoke finishes range which was used across the living rooms and bedrooms.