Design and installation of wood flooring for Cornwall Pearl

During a remodelling of the popular Tolgus Mill attraction at Cornwall Gold in the heart of Cornwall’s heritage mining district, we worked with Boex Design to design and produce new flooring within the Cornwall Pearl area of the project.

Cornwall Pearl designs and crafts stunning Cornish pearl jewellery by using the tin milled on-site at Tolgus Mill. As part of a wider remodel, the team wanted to create a stunning new customer and design area to better represent the quality and craftsmanship of Cornwall Pearl’s products.

This included the addition of a wooden floor to highlight and accentuate the matching wood display cases which contain the jewellery sold at the centre.

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This was a very complex project which involved a herringbone laying pattern which curved around a vinyl flooring walkway, with the wood sitting flush against an aluminium flat bar which we installed to separate the two different floor materials.

The wood used on the floor was also thicker than the vinyl flooring walkway, so we needed to adjust the thickness of the planks, and advise on and provide a sub-floor for the space.

A central island of engineered oak laid in herringbone presented the challenge of aligning each board with the other areas of wooden flooring around the room. This meant that if the vinyl walkway was removed, the laying pattern could be completed and sit perfectly across the entire room.

Brushed Sankbank oak - supplied by Ted Todd

After deciding upon the design with Boex, we set to work sourcing and fitting the flooring. The wood used in the project was manufactured by Ted Todd, with the client opting for a Sandbank oak floor. This is a naturally graded wood which is lightly brushed to reveal the natural grain detail of the oak.

The finish of the wood matches wonderfully with the other wooden fittings within the room, including lighting from popular Cornish interior designer Tom Raffield.

Although capable of long term wear, the floor which was fitted will not need to take the brunt of the foot traffic that passes through Cornwall Pearl, ensuring it will stand the test of time and look as good as the day it was installed for many years to come.