Reclaimed Wood Wall Panelling

Lead by many of the countries leading interior designers, feature timber walls can make a visual statement to enhance any interior space.  At Tre Concepts we embrace this design movement. Below you will find a selection of reclaimed timbers that have been re-imagined and re-worked to transform any domestic or commercial interior.

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Using reclaimed timbers is both incredibly satisfying and hard work. Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly. The source of each individual piece carries a story from its past. It is often intriguing to know that the oak on your wall was once part of a wooden farm cart or hay barn. The age of each individual piece has allowed the natural patina to develop, and the scars from its past life only add to the charm of the timber. Please see styles and designs below.

La Pinta

Kon Tiki

Mary Rose

Mary Celeste


Cutty Sark



May Flower