Featuring some of our most popular colours and finishes we supply, all are engineered planks that include an oak top layer, also known as a wear layer, combined with a quality ply for superb stability.

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Traditional Plank

Wide Plank

Mixed Width Planks


12mm Engineered Plank

12mm Thick (3mm wear layer)

180mm Wide

Random Lengths 600 – 2200mm


15mm Engineered Plank

15mm Thick (4mm wear layer)

140/180/220mm Wide

Random Lengths 600 – 2200mm


20mm Engineered Plank

20mm Thick (6mm wear layer)

140/180/220/260/300mm Wide

Random Lengths 1400 – 2400mm

Other dimensions are available on request up to 600mm wide and 15m length.



While at the mill, woods are sorted according to their characteristics, which are specific to each individual species.

These grades bring different visual aspects to the overall design and appearance of the floor.

One of the greatest characteristics of a timber floor is that no two pieces are the same.

Our 2019 Plank Range gives you the choice of two different grades of oak to be used in the production of their flooring.


Cleanest look with a uniform colour and grain, very few small knots, no filler.


Natural colour variation, large knots, some filled with a suitably coloured wood filler, varying grain patterns.


Textures & Treatments

Texture is fundamental to the finish of your flooring, highlighting the structure of the individual planks.

Tre Concepts offers different levels of surface texture giving you a truly personalised finish.

Our fumed and smoked colours are achieved through a process that reacts with the natural tannins in the oak and although we use controlled processes the final colours are dictated by nature not by using pigmented stains.


Removing the soft grain enhances the texture of the timber. Available in light, medium or heavy brushed.

UV Oil Finish

UV cured hardwax oil.

Available in Extra Matt, Matt, Satin & Gloss finishes.

Light Smoked

Surface smoked – tones of light to medium brown.

Medium Smoked

Surface smoked – tones of medium to dark brown.

Dark Smoked

Surface smoked – tones of dark brown.


100% Fumed – tones of deep dark brown/black.


Each piece of flooring is tumbled to achieve an authentic aged look to the edges and surface of the timber.


Our band-sawn texture particularly suits retail and commercial projects.

Reclaimed Weathered

Our reclaimed weathered texture brings unique characteristics to each plank and is suitable for domestic or commercial installations.


Tre Concepts offers an almost limitless choice of sumptuous handcrafted flooring in your chosen shade. Our range of 22 bespoke finishes are a few of our favourites to whet your appetite with endless options of textures, colours and finishes available.




TC0910 – Matt or Satin





TC0512 – Naked


1170 – Gold






TC0912 – Aged

TC0919 – Aged

TC0924 – Aged

TC0925 – Aged

TC0943 – Aged

TC0932 – Aged

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