Oak Flooring

This is your perfect floor and we ensure you get what you want by providing any colour scheme finish you require.

Sourced from ethically managed forests in France, Germany and Eastern Europe.

Tre Concepts is also able to source Cornish oak for projects where using locally sourced materials is a priority.

We are continually developing our range of finishes and below are some examples to inspire you.

Too much choice?

Don’t worry, as we are on hand to guide you with expert advice and experience. Once you have narrowed down your choices hand samples are provided. Once you have decided, a final metre squared sample will be created.


While at the saw mill, woods are sorted according to their characteristics, which are specific to each individual species. These grades brings different visual aspects to the overall design and appearance of the floor.

One of the greatest characteristics of a timber floor is that no two pieces are the same.
At Tre Concepts we offer our clients the opportunity to choose from three different grades of oak to be used in the production of their flooring.


Natural colour variation, large knots, some filled with a suitably coloured wood filler, varying grain patterns.


Cleaner appearance with less colour variation, fewer and smaller knots, some filled with a suitably coloured wood filler.


Cleanest look with a uniform colour and grain, very few small knots, no filler.

Colours, Textures and Finishes

Texture is fundamental to the finish of your flooring, highlighting the structure of the individual planks.

Tre Concepts offers different levels of surface texture giving you a truly personalised finish.

Naked Oak

Honest Oiled Oak


Cornish Heather



Old Burt


Board formats

Planks aren’t always the final word. There are numerous options that can make a statement, such as blocks, chevrons, Versailles panels and intricate weaves to name but a few. We offer a full range of hardwood floor formats for you to choose from.

Traditional Plank

Wide Plank

Mixed Width Planks




Continuous Weave

Versailles Panels

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